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Passionate About Childcare!

I started Brook Babes in 1995 as I found it very difficult to get a childcare service that worked to the individual needs of my children and family commitments. I wanted to be able to go to work with the peace of mind that my children were cared for in a happy, secure and stimulating environment, which bridged the gap between home and nursery/school life.

Looking back, they were solid principles on which I have built on over the years. I am more convinced than ever that enriched childhood experiences are paramount. To do this we employ caring professionals, with the same passion as I hold to improve children’s experiences and understand the importance of children as individuals.

Why Choose Us?

Your Child's Well-being Is Paramount!

At Brook Babes we realise that, as we live such demanding lifestyles, the more we can do to relieve the stress the better. We provide three hot, nutritional meals a day and there are no additional charges for those unavoidable delays. Furthermore, if your daily routine should change we will always assist wherever possible.

Brook Babes is registered with Ofsted and is committed to improving standards for children through implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum effectively to support children. Children’s needs are met by understanding what interests them, what they are trying to achieve.

  • The Proprietor and Management team are educated to degree standard in order that they can lead their teams in providing caring, enabling environments that meet each child individual needs the children.
  • All practitioners achieve at least a level 3 as defined by the Early Years Statutory Framework to ensure that children are given the best start in their lives.
  • All practitioners attend ongoing training regularly such as first aid, safeguarding, phonics and behaviour. Our nurseries are closed for 1 days training per year to keep our staff up to date with mandatory training requirements. Tapestry will be updated annually with the upcoming date.

  • Brook Babes is proactive in setting the standards to ensure the best quality provision is provided.
  • Our Ethos ‘Everybody Counts’ is embedded into our practice ensuring the personal touch for all children, parents and practitioners.
  • Our Nurseries and school clubs have been achieving the Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ award for 6 years running over 5 inspections.
  • We provide three full meals a day in line with the NEW 2015 School Food Standards.
  • We provide free settling in sessions to ease the transition into nursery and give you peace of mind that your child is in safe hands.
  • No late fees for those occasional one of delays taking the stress out of traffic jams!
  • Excellent links with care professionals in the community.

Meeting Your Childs Needs


At Brook Babes we aim to meet each child’s individual needs in an inclusive manner through tracking their developmental stages. We use the SENIT Developmental Joural, as this enables us to break down the stages of development into achievable targets making it easier to show progression children have made.  Where needed our SENCO, who works across all settings, will make a referral for extra support.  The SENCO is BA Hons qualified in Early Years and works closely with Key People, Managers, Parents and other Professionals to support children with additional needs.

In addition to this we adapt our provision to make them accessible by changing the environment/equipment so all children can free flow around the room. Sometimes this is through simple measures such as using Comic Sans Font for visually impaired, using a variety of communication methods for the Hard of Hearing.

Practitioners receive additional training on how best they can provide activities and adapt their routines to promote the child’s unique development needs. We work in close partnership with other professionals such as the Stars Team for Autism, Speech and Language Therapists, Childrens Play Therapists, Children Centre, Scope, Health Visiting Team and many more.

Each carer builds a close relationship with their children, which help children to explore the environment and try new things with confidence. A key person works in partnership with the parents to ensure that each child is cared for appropriately and responds sensitively to their feelings and requirements.

Education Needs
Tracking Development
Our commitment to

Safe Guarding Children

As part of the Senior Management commitment to the importance of Safeguarding Children we have a designated safeguarding team and Champion to promote the welfare of children.

We regularly audit how our practice meets legislation requirements such as Working together to Safeguarding children 2018, EYFS and Inspecting Safeguarding in Education 2018.  All Designated Leads are trained with the LSCP and share Practice through our Safeguarding Management Meetings.  The Designated Team is made up of professionals including a Social Worker, Trained Peadeatic Nurse, EYP and EYITT and keep Practitioners up to date with training on what to do in case of a concern, who to contact if they are not satisfied with action taken. 

All children have a right to be safe. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and interesting environment, with age appropriate resources, which help develop curiosity, coordination and physical abilities. We are signed up to Child Accident Prevention Trust,  Leeds Safeguarding Partnership for news letters and updates on how to safeguard children, details of safety are added to parent notice boards/news letters.

To do this we carry out thorough risk assessments on a regular basis and use Citation to carry out Health and Safety checks and training. There are fitted coded locks on entrance and alternative collection procedures in place to protect against strangers entering the building. This also requires comprehensive employment procedures including enhanced DBS checks, ongoing training, (in which everyone takes responsibility for safeguarding) and implementation of their roles in protecting children from harm. 

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