We will use the information supplied by you to measure the quality of the service we provide and to determine the level we attain in each area.  We will analyse the data you provide and feed this back to you in the next Newsletter, along with the actions we will take to improve our service.

Scoring is based on 1-5, with 5 being high.

Please supply the following details, should you wish to do so:

Please supply the following details, should you wish to do so:

At present we aim to organise the team shifts so there is an earlier and a later practitioner in each room in order to maximise the level of communication with parents. Important information and Nursery events are shared on Newsletters, the Nursery App and Our Website to hopefully reach everyone in their preferred way.  

At Brook Babes we offer a variety of dishes from around the world to form part of a balanced diet. We provide breakfast, two full meals per day, fresh water/milk throughout the day with regular exercise.  Additionally we use Citation consultants to keep our practice up to date with all current legislation and help us to provide a healthy and safe environment. Furthermore, we also teach the children how to keep themselves safe, through activities such as circle time talks, mini first aid and reminding children “that’s not safe. 

At Brook Babes we take a child centred approach very seriously, listening to the voice of the child helps to build a healthy self-esteem by showing them they count and that they can influence what happens around them.

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