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Our nurseries are individual in their own right with their own fantastic facilities and staff members however as a group we make sure we provide the highest set of standards throughout! Please check out each nurseries page to finout the facilities each one has to offer, however below is a list of the rooms we provide in them all.

Our Nursery Rooms

All our nurseries come fully equiped with a range of rooms and facilities to meet the needs of all our children at all age levels and are designed as a fun and relaxing environment but also to engage them and help them to progress and lean

Baby Rooms

Our Rooms Are Equipped With Every Comfort

Our Baby rooms caters for 6-18 months and the ratio is 1:3 in line with current standards. They provide stimulating experiences in a warm, caring environment, led by practitioners who have a uniquely significant role; they influence sensitive human beings during the most formative period of life and at Brook Babes we believe this is both a tremendous responsibility and a privilege.

Every baby is assigned a Key Person who will have a constantly deepening understanding of your child’s development and will plan activities to help them flourish, stimulate their learning and support their emotional well-being; these include sensory resources to nurture their curiosity, painting with their hands and feet, singing to stimulate conversation, one to one cosy reading times, movement activities and much more to encourage our babies to investigate their surroundings with all of their senses.

Every baby is given a Daily Diary so we can keep you informed about all the key moments of their day, such as sleep times, nappy changes, meal times and activities. There is also a daily page for parents to complete to keep us up-to-date with regard to any health-related issues there may be, any new interests your child might have or any particular food likes/dislikes they may have developed so we can meet their individual needs.

Toddler Rooms

Play, Relax &  Comfort, Everything A Toddler Needs
The age-range in our Toddler rooms is generally between 18-26 months and have a 1:3 ratio. Each child is assigned a Key Person who will build a development profile so we can track your child’s progress. They are responsible for ensuring that appropriate activities are planned to enhance each child’s development. As Toddlers explore the world around them, through negotiating space and movement practitioners plan enabling environments that help young children to practice their new found skills, which include pushing, pulling, rocking, climbing and riding toys

Your child’s Key person will track their development placing more emphasis on the three prime areas of learning, namely Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language and Physical Development, as we know these have a big impact on future development.

As their play is often very physical it involves lots of movement of themselves and things; they use their whole selves to learn about their world, to do their thinking and to communicate with others. At Brook Babes we appreciate that being active is essential for brain and body development, so we often take our activities into the outdoors where everything in the environment is an invitation for action.

Tweenie Rooms

Designed For Imaginative & Creative Experiences

The age-range in our Tweenie room is generally 26-36 months and have a 1:4 ratio. Children in this age-range have a drive to ‘do it myself’ so our rooms are rich in resources that invite experimentation and are designed for imaginative and creative experiences. Your childs key person will continune to track your childs development, using the EYFS development matters.

This incorporates the two-year-old integrated check which involves a child’s Key Person working in partnership with the local health visiting team and parents to ensure they are meeting age-related milestones; we are proud to announce that Brook Babes is one of the first Nurseries in Leeds to carry out such meetings at our settings. Children in this age-range declare their ever-increasing independence in all kinds of ways so our practitioners act as role models by ensuring they are courteous and pleasant when communicating with the children, demonstrating respect and giving them space when they are feeling big and strong and hugging them when the world looms large and they are feeling small and vulnerable.

Pre School Rooms

To Encourage Learning Through Active Participation
The preschool room generally caters for children aged 36 months to school age and has a 1:8 Ratio. Key Persons continue to track your child’s development against all seven areas of learning in order to encourage children to engage in playing and exploring, to learn through active participation and to think critically, as well as forming an understanding of how the world around them works.
Practitioners have high expectations of children’s ability and use quality teaching strategies to support children to ensure they reach their full potential in readiness for school. We carefully aid the smooth transition into school via school visits and photo books of school, which are sensitively discussed through having secure attachments with carers and children having a healthy self esteem.

Looking After Them

Home Cooked Meals

Awarded 5 star food Hygiene, children enjoy growing own vegetables and herbs

Through listening to our parents and children we care for, we decided to take the stress out of a busy working day. We provide three meals a day at the holiday club and breakfast/dinner on normal wrap around days. 

Our Menu’s are decided following consultation with the children, through discussions on choosing a healthy life style, their likes and dislikes. We choose the most popular dishes which provide a well balanced diet, saving special treats like Pizza for the weekend inline with the School Food Standards.

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